Skate Shop Day 2023!


Skate Shop Day 2023 is here and DLX, Emerica and Independent have some special edition decks, shoes and trucks to release only available at the finest shops around the world! These products are one time made so if your seeing something you like, act quick! We have a very limited stock of each.

Emerica bringing back the classic shoe OG1 in a very nice white and red colorway to keep your feet feeling exclusive.

Independent also brought back their Stage 4 truck back from 1986! One year before our shop was opened. The truck is re-designed but even better now. Lookin a little bit like an Ace..

Deluxe Distro coming at you with 4 special edition decks. The Gigliotti deck designed by Mike Lotti. The Real Ishod Cat Scratch Twin Deck in a beautiful matte black/chrome colorway to shine on all the fools who don't got one! Then they have the rarest deck of them all, the Krooked Beamer! Which only comes out in a blue moon. In an all new special graphic with some matte black/chrome shine on it as well. And last but definitely not least, Frank Gerwer hit up the Birdman himself, Tony Muh Fuckin Hawk for a Grimplestix x Birdhouse Collab Deck with the guest pro being Tony himself. Wild line up from Deluxe this year!

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