Sk8 Skates Stone Cold Premiere

Sk8 Skates Stone Cold Premiere

Short and sweet words by Fane, mesmerizing photos by Jackson (ง︡'-'︠)ง
This was the first skate premiere Winnipeg had since Covid started so we were unsure of how the turn out was going to be, and luckily it turned out as good as it could go. The doors opened, the people flooded in crowding up the space quickly with the vibes starting off immaculate and the Jug was in the atmosphere. We were locked in for a memorable night! 

Videos Premiered:

All videos are out now since this blog is super late. Click the names of the videos to watch!

Stoked to see how many people came out to support this event after 2 years of nothing.

We first had to warm up the crowd and put them to work for some prizes. Boot camp style

Before we started off our video, we surprised Sean by welcoming him to the team with a Stone Cold and a lil banger of an edit of him.

Stone Cold was viewed, the crowd was astonished, the Jug was passed around, and it was a WRAP! The vibes were high by the end of the night, so we took them to Bar-Italia.

You already know we couldn't leave the man behind and in front of the camera off the team. So we welcomed him outside of the after-party with a cake to the face.

Thanks to all our sponsors Vans, Emerica, Real Skateboards, Foundation Skateboards, Dickies, Brixton, Spitfire, Thunder, Stance, for all of the support and hooking us up with product to keep us doing what we're doing.

Watch Stone Cold here:


Photos taken by Jackson Toone


This night was dedicated to our friend Tyson Hobson who left us to soon.

We love and miss you G forever

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