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Written by Accumula Collaborator — December 27, 2019

Talkin' With The Team - Erik Penton

Were you surprised when we put you on the team? 

Yeah, it was out of nowhere. Colin just came up to me after the go skate day contest with a box, I definitely did not expect it.

I think people will expect me to ask about the helmet, where did it go?

It broke a long time ago and I was over it.

Since I can remember you've always supported Sk8 Skates. What made you want to support and ride for the shop? 

Sk8 has always been the only shop in the city really doing stuff with skating. They always have demos, contests and they bring pros into the city and stuff. That’s why I always supported Sk8. Also I like hanging out with everyone on the team so that’s another reason.

Now that you're on the team and you have the voting power, who do you think should get on next? 

There are a few people I think should be next on the team. Kian Smeall, little Isaiah, i don’t know his last name but he’s a beast. Also Sean Coughlin, but all those guys need to go out and film more.

In your opinion, what's the gnarliest trick to go down in Winnipeg? 

Probably Josh’s 5050.

Who's your favourite Winnipeg skateboarder past and present? 

Jaret Anderson is the best, I haven’t seen him in a while though.

You working on anything right now? 

Yeah I have a part in Julian Kelly’s new video “Hello Seeker”. It's premiering December 15th at The Goodwill.

Why are you always dealing with injuries? Didn't you just break a couple bones? 

I don’t know why I’m always getting hurt, but yeah i just broke both the long bones in my leg. I should be going to get surgery anytime in the next week.

Tell us about your first photo in mag?

So I was supposed to have a photo in the last SBC, but then they cut a bunch of photos last minute. They took mine out, but they forgot to take my photo out of the contents, so my first photo in a mag was about one square inch big.

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Photos by @dillanlavallee

Written by Accumula Collaborator — November 08, 2019


We have moved from The Forks to 564 Main st. Come visit us and check out all the new gear! Customer parking behind the building.

Written by Accumula Collaborator — December 03, 2018

Talkin' With The Team - Everett Polanski

Were you surprised when we put you on the team last weekend?

I was totally in disbelief when I got on the team. Keiran, a few others, and myself were going out bowling that night. It turned out that Cain’s birthday and graduation ceremony just happened, so I didn’t think anything of it when we arrived at the bowling alley and the entire team was there. It was super fun, just hanging and bowling with everyone, and at some point Colin brought over a large tray of shots with my name and congrats on it. Everyone started yelling, high-fiving and hugging me. For a good few seconds I fully thought it was a joke, or that someone else got on the team. Suffice to say it was a crazy night!

Well it was a long time coming. You had the unanimous vote a little after the demo tour in June, but it took this long to get everyone together. You killed it on that tour, you stoked to go another?

Hell yes I’m stoked to go on the next demo tour! I’m still buzzing off the first demo tour. Skating all those sick parks with all the guys was definitely one of the highlights of the summer for me. Flin Flon park was just awesome in particular. There was such a great turn out of locals and parents and spectators at every stop. It was cool to see people really excited about the demos and watch kids throw down. We tented the entire trip too, which was awesome.

Anything specific stories from the trip that you want to share?

There are some good stories for sure, but I’m not sure I can recall most of them fully as we did a good amount of partying. The entire evening at Dale’s house in Dauphin was pretty hilarious either way, and I think Jaret was the most hungover I’d ever seen anyone the next day. Julian and I had a pretty romantic time playing guitar and watching the sunset on the banks of the Swan River, while all of the other guys spent what I’m pretty sure was five hours tubing down it in the dark, freezing the whole time. Besides that, pretty much anything Fane said was hilarious, so I’m stoked to go on another trip with him.

Now that you're on the team and you have the voting power, who do you think should get on next?

That’s a tough call. There are so many really skilled dudes in the city. Logan is really sick, Kian is really sick, Craig is sick, Erik is sick. Oh and Riaan Sawatzky, he’s the nicest dude and definitely shreds. I’m gonna go with Riaan.

In your opinion, what's the gnarliest trick to go down in Winnipeg?

Damn I should have brushed up on my Winnipeg skate history. I’m pretty sure Sascha Daley’s kickflip on law courts is the gnarliest trick to have gone down in Winnipeg, in my opinion, that is. It’s insane. Just standing up top and trying to carve around that statue for a run-up is terrifying. Also Nick Serduletz’s kickflip 5050’s on woods among other enders he’s done always blew me away. I heard a long time ago that Crolly ollied Chinatown? If so, that would probably be up there too.Watching Skrib attempt that was something else. Also, whoever boardslid the legislative building rail.

Who's your favourite Winnipeg skateboarder past and present?

Before I ever met anyone in the skate scene, I would download Wreck videos onto an old ipod and watch them constantly. Nick Serduletz was definitely my favourite Winnipeg skater growing up, but all those guys really got me stoked to go and skate. Now, I think it’s a tie between Julian and Keiran. Skating with those two really blows me away and pushes me to try shit and keep going. Both of them are so good and have such good style.

You working on anything right now?

I am currently working on another part, although since school started in September, it’s been harder to coordinate with everyone’s schedules. I think Julian may be doing another full length, but I’m not completely sure what the finished product will be. We’ve just been going out and trying to make it happen whenever we can and for the most part, have a hell of a time doing it.

Wanna add anything?

This probably comes off sappy as hell, but whatever. I couldn’t be more stoked to be able to do this thing I love so much with such a great group of people. Skateboarding is the best thing ever. Thank you Julian, Keiran, Cliff, Josh, and everyone else. I love you Julia!!

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Photos by @bekimsefa and @tyler_geurts


Written by Accumula Collaborator — October 17, 2018

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