Talkin' With The Team #8 - Fane Smeall

Talkin' With The Team #8 - Fane Smeall

Were you surprised when we put you on the team yesterday?
Yes, I thought I was coming to film you with Kian, then I saw Jaret’s car in parking lot, and was like kinda confused. I walked in and saw everyone, then I knew something was up, but still didn’t see the huge sign that said welcome to the team. You had to point it out, I really was surprised. It felt so out of nowhere, it was really hype! I honestly thought I was coming to film you.
Well I’m glad you’re stoked. We all voted last week and everyone said yes. Now that you have the voting power, who do you think should get on the team next?
This sounds bias because it’s my brother, but Kian, he’s so good at skating and has the best style. He just needs to go out and get clips, because he could get some gnarly tricks. Other than my brother, I would say Erik, Logan or Craig. Erik’s so sick and gets the craziest footage, and Craig’s actually so good but he doesn’t even know it. Logan and Craig just need to go out and film more. I know they have the craziness in them, they just need to find it, sounds dumb, but it's true.
Good choices. What made you want to ride for Sk8 Skates?
Growing up all my favourite Winnipeg skaters were on the team, so ever since I was a kid it seemed like the coolest thing. Also everyone on the team are all homies, it’s more then just a skateboarding team. I’ve always been down for Sk8 and wanted to be a part of it. Sk8 has always done so much for skateboarding in Winnipeg and that stood out, so I wanted to be a part of it even more.
Who’s your favourite Sk8 team rider at the moment?
It’s always been Jared Arnason, he just looks like he’s having the most fun ever when he skates. Even just at the edge, he’ll just skate anything in his path and think of a trick right before and while he’s in the trick, he will just decide to shuv out or something, or at least that’s how it seems. His parts just are gnarly and look like he’s having fun and messing around at the same time. He’s always been my fav since his 1987 part. His tricks are so sick and he does his own tricks it seems, makes it even more sick to watch him skate.

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As someone that skates big rails and gnarly spots, what do you think the gnarliest trick to go down in Winnipeg is?
You always ask me this, obviously Jared’s boardslide on hydro and Josh’s bs 5050 down the kinked rail across from the Forks, but the trick that has stood out the most would be Cole Middleton’s wallride in blue pool, like I still can’t figure it out.
One of things that really stoked us out about you is that you’re self motivated, no one has to hold your hand to bring you into the streets and film tricks. Where does that come from?
I just love filming, getting any clip is just the best feeling. It’s also just fun going out and trying stuff, especially if there’s a group of homies with you, it gets you hyped up. But like it’s still fun if it’s just you and a couple other guys, filming is the best. I’ve never felt forced to go out and try stuff, I just think of something and go try it, you can’t stress over it, that’s where it becomes not fun.
What is it about handrails that you like so much?
They don’t make you as sore as skating stairs.
When we took you to Minneapolis last year, the general consensus was wow he’s really good at skating, but he can’t order a bagel for the life of him. Were you just shy and nervous on the trip?
Maybe a little, but not really. I knew everyone on that trip and went in the car with Josh and Jaret who I knew the best, so I wasn’t that shy, but for sure was a little. I guess I was just socially awkward ordering my food. That’s literally never happened to me ordering food before, you guys were making me laugh, I don’t know.
Well it all worked out for you. Everyone voted you on and you have a welcome to the team part coming out on the King site right away. What’s next for Fane? 

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