Talkin' With The Team #2 - Alex Doyle

Talkin' With The Team #2 - Alex Doyle


Sk8 Skates is my only sponsor.

How long have you been sponsored by Sk8 Skates?

I got officially welcomed to the team in 2012, but I've been filming shop videos since 2008.

How did you get on the team?

The details are a little blurry, but basically everyone surprised me at the Norwood a few days before I moved to Vancouver. The day that Colin asked me to film "Shred" is way more memorable. I was 15, turning 16 in a few days, and on my first skate trip to Minneapolis. I got a random Facebook message from Colin saying that they were going to make a video that summer and they wanted me to film it. I was so shocked and excited since the Sk8 team was legendary to me at the time.

Favorite Sk8 Skates rider from the past?

Nick Serduletz

Favorite Sk8 Skates rider from the present?

Keiran Zimmerman

Favorite up and coming Winnipegger?

Logan Esquash

What are you working on right now?

I'm currently working on another full length video called "Overtime" that should be coming out some time next year.

Best day of your life?

I could never pick one day that is the best. There have been too many to choose from. Most of the best days that come to mind have been on skate trips though.

Tell us a good story about another team rider?

When Keiran and I went to San Francisco a couple years ago, we were driving on the freeway, I was in the passenger seat, and Keiran was sitting right behind me. Someone slammed on their brakes in front of us, so naturally, Christian, who was driving, slammed on the brakes so he wouldn't rear end the dude in front. Keiran luckily grabbed onto my headrest since he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. I looked back and saw that he was fine. As soon as he let go of the headrest, thinking he was safe, we got rear ended so hard and Keiran got sent face first directly into the headrest. No one got hurt or anything, other than the crumpled Civic that hit us, and it was kind of scary at the time, but looking back it's so hilarious.

Gnarliest trick ever done in Winnipeg?

Tough one. First things that come to mind are Nick's gap to lipslide on that long rail at the mint, Geurts' ollie Motel, Jamie switch varial heel City Hall, Rosie's double heel Audiville, fuck, there are so many more. 

Who should get on the team next?

Half the team, including myself, should get booted from the official lineup and Logan Esquash should be welcomed to the team with a full street part.

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Photo by Tyler Geurts @tyler_geurts

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