Skate Shop Day February 17, 2024

Skate Shop Day February 17, 2024

Skate Shop Day (SSD) is this Saturday February 17, around the world! The first SSD was February 19, 2020 and is now an annual day every year to support your shop. SSD celebrates the work and role skate shops play in skateboarding. Without skate shops, skateboarding wouldn't be what it is today. They keep the skate communities around the world alive and thriving. Shops host the contests, premieres, demos, mentor beginners, create teams and put advocate for their city's skate scene. That creation of community is mostly in part to the local shops. SSD is a day to remember to support your local shop, rather big mall and online stores. Even if your local shop doesn't have those exact shoes you want, just purchase what they have, they'll be sure to have something you can skate in. Online stores much more selection, but they won't say hi to you at your neighbourhood skatepark or host a contest for the locals. Without your purchases at these core shops, they will soon become a thing of the past.

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We appreciate everyone who continues to support us, especially in these slow times. You are what keeps us going and without you we wouldn't be able to support the community, which is what we love best. Our customers are a core piece in what keeps Winnipeg skateboarding alive. So please support your local skate shop year round and stop by yours this Saturday for Skate Shop Day. Even if you can't purchase, just stop by and say hi. We love to chat and see faces in the shop, as we don't see as many around this time of year :)

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Checkout the new special edition Skate Shop Day decks that DLX created for shops to sell this year. Exclusive decks from Real, Anti Hero, Krooked, and There. 

Find here these decks in-store and online February 17th 2024:

skate shop day 2024 winnipeg

Thanks for reading :) Here's a lil vlog exclusively for our bloggers. Random footage Jackson captured in Northern Manitoba and LA, California:

 As well as some photos Jackson took from our adventures these past 2 years. You can find most of them in his newest issue of 'Dont Waste Time Mag

Also new project on the way coming this summer...

For now keep 'DEAN' on repeat:

Shop Sk8 Skates product here

Thanks for reading and support your local skate shop, we can't say that enough!


- Fane


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