New Videos

New Videos

Unseen VX footage of the full Flip 50 staples session uncut. Watch Erik’s process and be astonished of how it went down :) Filmed by Fane


A video of throwaway clips and used clips from a trip to California back in spring 2023.

A ‘DEAN' post tape.

Featuring: Fane Smeall, Erik Penton, Sean Coughlin, Dwayne Anderson, Jimmy Beuno, Nassim Lachhab, Reis Burrows

Filmed by Kian Smeall

Cut by Fane

PSA: sean is banned from noseslides in his next part


New video of a Sunday sesh at Falcon Ridge

Showcasing: Derek, Carter, Fane, Kyle, Jamen, Jackson
Filmed and cut by Kian
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Erik trying to make it out the mud of beautiful Winnipeg, MB while carrying the shop on his back with this stand alone part presented by Thrasher.

A long awaited project Erik has been working on featuring his infamous Flip 50 on the staples hubba in LA as first seen in the contents page of Thrasher's July 2022 Issue. The clip took so long to come out that people started thinking it was a conspiracy (on slap)

This one’s an instant shop classic, turn it up!

Cut and screwed by Kian Smeall

Filmed by a ton of people. List in credits :)

Thank you to the dudes over at Thrasher Mag!

Watch the part on Thrasher's site as well here:

Songs: - Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill

- Nvr Scared w/ 6ixfeet by lilnightvision   / e48mrprejprcystr6   



 WARNING TO HEADPHONE USERS, AUDIO IS KINDA CRAZY Thanks to Joe Buffalo for coming down to our new indoor park 'Pitikwe Skatepark' here in Winnipeg to host this sick contest for the kids and homies. The locals got hooked up with gear and cash $$ Filmed and cut by Kian Smeall Shoutout to Colonialism Skateboards, Vans, & Supra Dist for the support ;)



A short snowboard video out of Winnipeg where we got out some nights, grabbed our shovels and boards, and filmed every night or daylight we had the time for! Filmed and Edited by Kian Smeall Featuring: Derek Schade Fane Smeall Carter Retchuk Guest Appearance - Kevin Griffin Thank you to our sponsors for the support over at Vans, K2, Howl Supply and Crab Grab :)




Quick lil edit drop on this Friday the 13th ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ Throwaway shit from our Vancouver/Seattle trip this past September :) The real clips are being saved for a lil something in the near future


Filmed and edited by the one n only Kian Smeall, who else?!



Fane Smeall

Sean (DEAN) Coughlin

Erik Penton

Reis Burrows

Kyler Hale

Jackson Toone possibly?!

Mikey Ray

Andrew Sharples


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