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A short snowboard video out of Winnipeg where we got out some nights, grabbed our shovels and boards, and filmed every night or daylight we had the time for!
Filmed and Edited by Kian Smeall
Derek Schade
Fane Smeall
Carter Retchuk
Guest Appearance - Kevin Griffin
Thank you to our sponsors for the support over at Vans, K2, Howl Supply and Crab Grab :)
Some Nights premiere in Winnipeg started off with a banging video from Kenora's Quinn Anderson. Next up were the Downhill Hockey Club guys "Birdcage". Then came Sk8 Skates' Some Nights, featuring Fane Smeall, Carter Retchuk, and Derek Schade. Finally, to end off the night, we premiered Erik Penton's new video part. Thanks to everyone who came out!

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