Talkin' With The Team #1 - Keiran Zimmerman

Talkin' With The Team #1 - Keiran Zimmerman

I ride for Sk8 Skates, Krooked, Emerica, Thunder and Spitfire.
How long have you been sponsored by Sk8 Skates?
I got on Sk8 in 2014, so 3 years.
How did you get on the team?
I got on the team by being surprised at the premiere for the Sk8 video 1987, I didn't know I had a part in the video and they tossed me in there and made me a part without me even knowing.
Favorite Sk8 Skates rider from the past?
Smooth Sam Klassen!! Full cab down city hall is the best.
Favorite Sk8 Skates rider from the present?
My boy Juelz, sweetest style.
Favorite up and coming Winnipegger?
Logan Esquash
What are you working on right now?
I'm filming for a VX video with the dudes I skate with everyday in Winnipeg, and I'm also in Vancouver right now filming for Doyle's new video coming out next year sometime.
Best day of your life?
Best day of my life was probably the entire Tokyo trip. That was the best time ever.
Tell us a good story about another team rider?
When we were in Montreal a couple months ago, the first morning after we were camping at P45, Juelz wakes up and said he had a dream that the park was just a flood of scooters with their moms running with them through the park. Then he started telling us about how his mom used to say that the first night of sleeping somewhere new, try and remember your dreams because they will come true. So sure enough next morning we wake up and there was like 10 little kids on scooters and moms watching them flip onto their backs. We got the hell out of there right away, fuck that!
Gnarliest trick ever done in Winnipeg?
Sascha's kickflip, but if we're talking locals then Nick's fakie flip on city hall.
What are some slang terms that only Winnipeggers use?
Haha I don't know, do we have slang? Jib, like meth?
Who should get on the team next?
Whoever is an awesome person and cares about skating! There are so many people that are so good in Winnipeg. I have no idea who's next.


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