Last month we needed your help and you SHOWED UP BIG. Thanks to our community, SK8 has a real shot at living to fight another day. But we still need to rally - let's grow the community together.

As our way of saying thanks, we're goin' all in for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, bringing you the best holiday shopping you can find.

Let's help keep the dream alive and give the gift of skateboarding and snowboarding this season.

Helped me to get started skating a couple years back now it's just about the only thing I do, great shop and great people.

Awesome skateshop! They engage with the local skate community, have tons of selection, and put out great videos of their skate team.

Highly recommend SK8SKATES!

One of the best places in Canada. Hands down. It's always a top stop when my brother is in town from the west coast. New shop is top notch!