Talkin' With The Team #10 - Bill Acheson

Bill is one of the most talented skateboarders ever to come out of Winnipeg and has contributed so much to shop. In the last couple of years his injuries have held him back and he was unable to skate. When he told us that he wanted to take his name off of the team list last year, we ignored his request. We love Bill and even though he isn't able to skateboard these days we were more than happy to have his name on there. The only problem is that Bill has the password to our website, and last week he removed his name himself. We would have kept him on forever.   

How old are you and who are you sponsored by?
35. Sponsor free.

How long have you been on Sk8 Skates?
I took a step away from the team last year, but it had been 12 or 13 years.

How did you get on the Sk8 Skates team?
After Jai passed away, the original team disbanded and the new owner was rebuilding. I was shopping at the Pembina location and the teller asked Kevin McCoubrey how to punch something in for me. He said “Use the team discount. Bill’s on the team… if he wants to be.”

What made you want to ride for Sk8 Skates?
I was motivated by skating more than anything else at the point in my life so I was stoked to be part of the new team cause I knew they would push me to get better. I didn’t really anticipate the amount of comradery there would be, but that definitely became the best part over time. 

What’s the gnarliest trick to go down in Winnipeg?
Skrib’s nollie back big spin at apartment gap always comes to mind in terms of gnarliness, but one of my favourite moves was Brock Gruhn’s flip gap to nose manny from the 1987 video. I have tons of respect for people who can jump, but I generally get more inspired by stuff that happens closer to the ground. Probably ‘cause I find it more relatable. 

Who would you want to put on the team next?
I’ve been pretty out of the loop recently so I don’t think I could make an informed call aside from what I’ve heard through friends.

Favorite Winnipeg skateboarder(s)?
Rosie and Brock Gruhn. They skate the way I’ve always wanted to. 

Best Sk8 Skates memory?
Maybe the Shred Premiere. That could be because it was the part I was most proud of filming. The 1987 premiere was great too. It’s obviously a highlight when you get to see everyone's hard work on a project come together. Barcelona with the Lamberts and Geurts would be up there for best memories too. 

What made you decide to take your name off of the team list?
Aside from being physically unable to skate (more than cruising) for the past two years, I haven’t been able to commit the same amount of time and energy to skating that the rest of the team is. I still like staying involved by filming and working on the videos when I can, but to me, being on the team list requires a commitment to actual skateboarding that I can’t contribute anymore. 

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Photos by Samanta Daniela Katz and Tyler Geurts

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