Talkin' With The Team #11 - Mitch Hancharek


How old are you and who are you sponsored by?

I'm 24 and my sole sponsor is Sk8 Skates.

How long have you been on Sk8 Skates?

I've been on the team for just over three years now.

How did you get on the Sk8 Skates team?

Well one morning I woke up to a bunch of text messages congratulating me for something. I went on Facebook and there was a 'Welcome to the Team' video posted by Sk8 Skates with myself in it. Needless to say, it was quite a surprise and I was super stoked.

What made you want to ride for Sk8 Skates?

Sk8 has always been the realest. When I was a kid it was (and always will be) the most legit shop around. It was the place where I got my first real skateboard when I was eight years old and it was those dudes that did the first demo I ever saw. The demo was in my hometown which was really cool. That was definitely the moment I knew I wanted to be doing what these guys were doing someday. Seeing Colin flying around with a big mohawk was a real inspiration at that age!

What’s the gnarliest trick to go down in Winnipeg?

I don't know about gnarliest, but my favorites are probably Jared Arnason's board slide down the crazy kinked Manitoba Hydro rail, Sam Klassen's fakie cab down city hall and Andrew Geeve's switch back heel down Woodsworth way back when. Those were dope. Skrib on apartment gap is pretty gnarly though.

Who would you want to put on the team next?

This is a tough question since I don't often skate with the younger kids, but from what I have seen Devon Tait seems to be killing it. He's interesting to watch since he doesn't do the same tricks as everyone else and doesn't skate the same obstacles as everyone else. Originality is good! Erik Penton is also very good for a young dude.

Favorite Winnipeg skateboarder?

My boy Kevin Friesen. He can actually do anything, he's a wizard! Jared and Geurts too. They're always great.

Best Sk8 Skates memory?

Can't call it. Anytime we all get together to skate or party it's always a good time that ends with new memories and jokes. Lots of jokes.

Mitch Hancharek @shoottochill

Photos by Bill Acheson @willybiggs and Tyler Geurts @tyler_geurts

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