The legend Joe Buffalo came down to Peg a couple weekends ago to come checkout the new "Pitikwe Skatepark" in Portage Place. While he was here he held down a contest for the locals on November 24th. Checkout some highlighted clips above here and photos below to live it digitally :)
He brought the energy and prizes for the community! It was a nice surprise for our local scene to have someone as inspiring as Joe to come down to our fresh new park and show the support he did.
We are stoked on the time Joe took to hang out at the park that weekend and connect with the youth and everyone that came by. It’s amazing our community got a new space to be able to do things like this. This is exactly what it was meant to be for. Forever grateful for everyone’s support in who got the park up and running. Joe is the man for coming down within the early months of the park opening and being the parks first honourable guest to throw us a contest.
Couldn’t have asked for a better person to come down :) 
Can't wait until the next time your back in Peg!
also shoutout Colonialism Skateboards, Vans & Supra Dist for hooking up the locals with prizing <3
- Fane
📷 Jackson Toone

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