Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you to our community for the support. Because of you we have the chance to fight another day!

What a hectic October that was! It started off with a real fear for the shop and if we could survive. It was not easy to put out a call for help, but it was the best decision we could have made. 

We knew Sk8 customers were the best ones around, but you sure reminded us of that. The support was overwhelming to say the least! Weeks later we are just finding ourselves with some time to write this big thank you to everyone who supported us in this time. Not only did you show up with sales, but the amount of kind messages and stories about what Sk8 means to you were just as valuable.

We now feel more confident about the future of the shop thanks to your financial support! We will continue to do all we can to grow the skate scene in Winnipeg and remind them to support their local core shop. With the opening of Pitikwé Skatepark, we have high hopes for you all to keep breaking boards and wearing out shoes, as that's what keeps a skate shop alive.

Our new website is being handled by our guy, John, at Auxesys. With his care and expertise we see the website as our best tool to boost sales alongside in-store sales. Keep checking the website and sign up for our email list. In October alone we saw thousands of new people who had never been on the website. Whether that was someone brand new to Sk8 Skates or a long-time supporter who showed up to support us again, we are grateful for it all.

Thank you all for helping us keep the dream alive. For supporting the community. Because of your support, the love of skate and snow is kept alive. We've seen it happen for several generations: a kid gets a skateboard or snow gear under the tree. An obsession begins. Then low and behold one day they're in a video, or publishing a magazine, or working in a shop. That feeling we get from the pursuit and the community - the realization of a life-long obsession. Sharing that feeling, those friendships and experiences. That's what our community helped us continue last month. It's what will continue to keep real skate shops alive in the future.

We have big things planned and need your continued support, please keep us in mind before you hit up the mall or Amazon. As a long-standing small business, we truly need you to remember “Use it or lose it” in this era of big box stores and easy online shopping, this is why we invested our time and resources into a website that can provide all the products and services a big site can. We have the best customer service, free shipping, delivery and pickup options, that the big guys cannot provide. As well a curated selection of products from the brands you want.

Again, no words can say how thankful we are for what we just experienced, truly once in a lifetime type of thing. Sk8 Skates is special, keep sending us your stories and ideas, we love to hear them!

On a new note, thank you to everyone who came out to the premiere this past Friday November 10th! Was one of our biggest turnouts yet, we were at capacity for the whole night :) 

These nights are our favourite part of running the shop. Premiere nights are a special since they only happen 1-2 times a year. It's a great night, seeing our community/scene together and having an amazing time watching what our team has been working on for the past year or so.

Not only do we premiere our own videos, we always try to involve other projects within our scene, projects that other crews have been working on. This night we showed "SLACKERS" by Quinn Anderson featuring a bunch of homies from here in Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and Whistler.

And as well as "Birdcage" by Benji Zacharias featuring all the Downhill Hockeyclub crew dudes out of Winnipeg.

We couldn't do events like this without your support! Only Some Nights will be like last Friday night. We love y'all <3

Watch our newest snowboard film that we premiered right here: 

Erik's part and the other videos premiered that night will be online very soon...
-Fane & Kian Smeall

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