The second annual Plaza Smackdown went down this past July at The Forks and everyone shut it down! Amazing turn out this year. We had boxing gloves and a bag for the kids to warm up with before their match with some Red Bull's to keep them fueled up throughout the day.

Here's some photos Jackson got of the day, thanks again to everyone who came out. Couldn't put on these events without you.

The young bucks killed it right off the bat shutting down the 4, down rail and the 6

1st: Dre
2nd: Sallinger Mcniven
3rd: Julius Doerksen

Then next up we had the Femme/Non-Binary category starting off on the 2 stair

1st: Morgan Mclachlan

2nd: Emile Rafson

3rd: Liz Hildebrand 

 Then the guys ended it off with mayhem, starting off with 5 people going at once down the 4 stair trynna get their tricks in quick

JULIEN HEIN flying off the DIY pole jam over the 6

1st: Erik Penton

2nd: Kai Meekis

3rd: Austin Chubey

4th: Stephen Betts

Then to end it off we had best trick over some kiddie pools. Had it end it a bit earlier with how sketchy it got with the water and sand.  

Ended up having a big game of skate with the winner taking home $100

Huge thanks to Vans and Red Bull for hooking everyone up for the day and also Brixton, Foundation, Spitfire, and Supra Dist for the support!



 Photos by Jackson Toone

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