Indigenous Day x Go Skateboarding Day - Winnipeg 2022 - Sk8 Skates


Go Skate Day 2022 started off with some rain up until 5pm postponing the Comps until 6pm. Popped off at The Plaza first with some mini comps then headed into the streets with some cash from Vans to give out for tricks. 
We started off at the Millennium Library handing out cash for tricks on the main ledge.
Then obviously had to end it off at the Woodsworth building with bangers and bangers going down right away. Jared ended it with a crazy NBD on the rail to wall.
After that we headed to West Broadway for some more mini Comps with Wreckonciliation and The Other Skaters.
We surprised our Dawg Winnipeg goat Julien Hein with a guest pro deck. Julien’s your favourite skaters favourite skater here in Winnipeg. He can do any trick he wants on the most beat up deck. You’ll catch this guy skating downtown in the middle of winter. He’s an amazing skater and a great human being and we just felt like he deserved something for his impact on the skate community here in Winnipeg. All profits will be donated to Cousins Skateboarding. A non profit organization out of Alberta that’s goal is to empower indigenous skate communities.


We made a special deck for our dawg Julian Hein. Julian is a local legend here in Winnipeg and just felt like he needed a board with his name on it.


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