Help Save Our Shop!

Help Save Our Shop!


We need your help to save our shop! Sk8 Skates is struggling and we need your help to keep the shop alive. Starting today, for 2 weeks, we are launching a massive clearance sale to get Sk8 back on track and thriving for years to come.

Sk8 Skates has been a Winnipeg staple for over 35 years and is the 2nd longest-running skateboard shop in Canada. It's much more than a skateboard/snowboard shop, it is a family of individuals committed to strengthening the Winnipeg skateboard/snowboard scene. We have one of Canada’s top skateboard/snowboard teams that actively films and creates content to put Winnipeg on the map. Community building is important to us, we offer free skateboard lessons at The Forks all summer, and every June we head up to our Northern Manitoba communities to engage the youth in healthy skateboarding practices on our Northern Tour. We helped launch Next Gen, a girls/femme/non-binary skateboard session that ran the last 2 summers.



In 2020, we took over ownership of the shop, during the first covid lockdown. Despite lockdowns and supply chain problems, the shop sales were popping off! That all changed in 2022, as it did for many small businesses. Our world had changed and our economy took a hit. With the added stress of rising wholesale costs and shipping, our sales took a steep dive in early 2022, and have been struggling to keep up ever since. Not going to lie, cash flow is very tight right now and we need a strong boost in revenue to help us make it to Black Friday and Q4, which historically have strong sales.

We appreciate all the support we've had over these past years and love everyone who backs what we do. We know who you are and you have been solid for us, would never have made it 3 years without you.



We have big plans for Sk8 Skates, but need a little help to bridge this gap. Amazing things are happening in our community right now that point to a big boom in skateboarding and snowboarding. The opening of  Pitikwé Skatepark this fall is going to help keep our community strong during our shitty winters.



Our brand new website just launched, it has ongoing work to be done to boost sales and bring in a larger customer base from across North America and internationally. Our aim is for the online sales to complement our in-store sales so we can do even more for Winnipeg and its skaters.

The world feels uncertain these days and many of us struggle to see how we can individually make a change. We think it starts with the little things, coming together as a community and striving for real changes that can have a big impact. How cool would it be if our community rallied around an iconic Winnipeg shop? Not only kept it alive during one of the worst economic eras but kept it thriving for another 35 years to come to make even more historic memories for our next generation of skate/snowboarders. Again, huge props to our loyal supporters of the past 36 years, now let’s make some new ones together.

Our scene is just small and we need YOU to spread the word to those unfamiliar with the shop. We have more than just skateboards and snowboards. We have a huge selection of clothing and shoe brands that are popular in the lifestyle culture. You don't need to be a skater to shop with us, we have stuff for everyone in the family. The shop is a nice place, come hang out and play some pinball.

Please help us spread the word about this big sale we are having! We have made a graphic with our infamous logo and text for you to share on social media. 

We are clearing out our overstock, slashing prices from 40-60% off. This is nice stuff that you won’t ever see at these prices. Including ALL last season snowboard gear.

Best deals will be in-store, so drop by and remember why you love Sk8 Skates. We have free parking in our back lot and plenty of street parking out front and side of the shop. If you can’t make it down, there will be huge sales online, rolling out every few days with new collections and new markdowns. 

Again, huge props to our loyal customers of all the past years, now let’s make a new generation of supporters that will keep us going another 36!

Free delivery in Winnipeg or free shipping across Canada on orders over $100.


- Fane & Kian Smeall


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Save Our Shop.

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