Talkin' With The Team #6 - Colin Lambert

Talkin' With The Team #6 - Colin Lambert

Zero, Emerica, Altamont, Independent, Bones, Bronson and Sk8 Skates
How long have you been sponsored by Sk8 Skates?
17 years. So more than half my life.
How did you get on the team?
I started bringing in a sponsor me tape when I was 14. Every time I would film a new trick I would add it to the tape and bring it back in. Eventually when I was 16 I was looking at decks and Jai dropped a Sk8 team jacket on the counter in front of me and walked away. I lost my mind, I was so stoked. I actually bought so much stuff that day cause I was so pumped on getting a discount.
Favorite Sk8 Skates rider from the past?
Paul Spencer. He was always super cool to me when I was younger. Amazing style and all around good guy. 
Favorite Sk8 Skates rider from the present?
I love them all. We have a cool little family going on here, it's hard to choose just one. I like Josh Thorvaldson's skating the most these days though. He does all the tricks that I wish I had the balls to do. I can accept that I'm not a skilled skateboarder, so I don't get jealous of Keiran, Cain, Brock, etc, cause it's so far out of my skill level that it doesn't faze me, but when Josh lip slides a big rail I'm like "Damn, I'm capable of that, I'm just a huge baby". I think that's why I like Josh's skating the most, I can relate to it.

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Favorite up and coming Winnipegger?
Fane Smeall. He doesn't talk about tricks he wants to do in the streets, he just goes and does them. He doesn't need anyone to hold his hand, he's self motivated. And he's so gnarly. There's so many great young skateboarders in Winnipeg. Craig, Erik, Kian, Faron and Logan are also my favourites. 
What are you working on right now?
Nothing. It's kind of sweet. I've filmed a few tricks since I put out my Compulsive Behaviour part, but I don't have anything in the works. I'm just having fun doing whatever I want. Cain and I talked about starting a new project in the spring though.
Best day of your life?
I keep a list of the best days of my life in my phone so that I don't forget them, but the best one would probably be the day Brooke was born. If you've ever made something in your life and you hold it in your hands and you're like woah, this is rad! Having a child is like a million times better than that. She's a little limited edition Colin and Dana collabo.
Tell us a good story about another team rider?
Back when I was in my late teens we did a trip to Minneapolis with the whole Sk8 team. That was around the time where almost everyone was either hesh or fresh. You either listened to punk and metal and wore tight clothes, or you listened to rap, smoked weed and wore baggy clothes. Anyways we split up into three cars. Team fresh, team hesh and team miscellaneous for the guys that were I guess miscellaneous. Anyways, team fresh decided on the way to the border that they should tape their weed behind a sign on the highway, and pick it up on the way back. Well being that team fresh, was also team high guys, they didn't realize that you can't see the sign when you're driving back, it faces the opposite way. Also, it's not a highway where you can just turn around wherever, its completely split, so you can only turn around in certain areas. I wasn't in that car, cause I was hesh, obviously, but I heard that they drove up and down the highway searching for that weed all night. 
Gnarliest trick ever done in Winnipeg?
Josh Thorvaldson's back 5050 on the kinker in the rain or Jared's boardslide on the hydro kinked rail. I want to give it to Tyler Geurts, cause he's been doing the gnarliest tricks in Winnipeg consistently for 13 years, but those two kinked rails have to take the cake. Nick Serduletz, Matt Wiebe and Tyler Gaucher are also in the Geurts boat. So many hammers. You go to any spot in Winnipeg and ask what's been done, those four names are coming up and their tricks are gonna stand the test of time. Fakie big spin board slide and nollie big spin lip on Woodsworth? Give me a break. 
What are some slang terms that only Winnipeggers use?
Bunk ollie lip, garvey, buddy eats, umm what else do Winnipegger's say?
Who should get on the team next?
Fane has my vote. Can't order a bagel worth shit, but he's an incredible skateboarder and great dude.
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Photos by @jamesmorley


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