Talkin' With The Team #7 - Evan Sinclair

Talkin' With The Team #7 - Evan Sinclair


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How long have you been sponsored by the shop?

I think something like 7 years now.

How did you get on the team?

I was out skating with Cain when I found out. He pulled out his phone and showed me my welcome to the team part posted on the SBC website. I was so psyched. We probably just kept skating and got coffees or something after.

Favorite SK8 skates rider from the past?

This is a tough one, but I have to go with Nick Serduletz. Not only because of the gnarly stuff he did, but also because of how his skating has evolved over time. It was always so rad to watch his parts because he put so much thought into them. Definitely shout outs to Matt Wiebe, Smooth Sam, and Jason Crolly as well. Oh, and Stelly because he is still way better than me.

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Favourite SK8 skates rider presently?

I honestly don’t have one. Some days it’s Brock, others it’s Jared, and ever so often I think to myself, “oh, Geurts is pretty sick”. Josh Man Party Guy is consistently fun to watch skate though – it seems so easy for him. Except for when he gets the madness and starts talking nonsense in between his tries. When it’s bad he’ll seriously take 15 minutes to chase squirrels and ask a series of annoying questions.

Favourite up and coming Winnipegger?

It’s sick how talented the new generation is, but I think I’ve been most stoked on the clips I’ve seen of Fane, Kian, and Craig. It’s a tough question for me because it seems like a lot of kids have a different relationship with skating than I did. I mean, I have nothing against people using social media to express themselves, but the whole self-promotion thing is pretty weird to me. For instance, if you’re more concerned with your Instagram following than with doing something unique on a skateboard, I’m probably not going to care.

What are you working on right now?

Unfortunately, since Compulsive Behaviour I’ve been way more focused on work and grad school. However, my favourite part of skating will always be finding spots in the streets and trying to select the right trick for them. As long as someone is willing to point a camera at me I’ll be trying to document that. I’ve been talking a bit with Cain, Jared, and Geurts about working on something next year, so hopefully we will get sparked on that.

Best day of your life?

I think I reflect most fondly on the days I’ve spent traveling and skating in new cities with my friends. I’m really lucky to have spent a lot of days doing that!

Good story about a SK8 team member?

The morning Tyler tried to ollie the double at the Assiniboine Downs was amazing; the whole situation was chaos. The run-up is really short so he needed to use a banshee bungee. It had rained recently so there were puddles everywhere. The boot is super bad so we had to go at 7 AM, but James Morley was in town to shoot photos, so everyone had been partying the night before until like 3 AM. The first time we pulled him in he tried to bail and just run down the stairs, except it was still so wet he slipped at the top and fell straight to the flat, landing on his back on hitting his head. We all thought he was fully done, but he proceeded to keep trying and came so close. I think we ended up getting kicked out or he got broke off. James was so hungover we had to pull over multiple times on the drive home for him to puke. I think he still has a photo of it somewhere and I’m sure the clips still exist too. They should probably find their way to the internet.

Gnarliest trick ever done in Winnipeg?

Some of the first tricks that come to mind right away are Nick’s lipslide at Motel, Colin’s wallride at Art Gallery and Sascha’s kickflip at Law Courts. Although, one trick that I think is very underrated is Nick’s ollie on Broadway in front of the Tim Hortons. He ollies onto this super skinny ledge and then over a wall and handrail onto a tiny block. It’s absolutely crazy.

What are some slang terms that only Winnipeggers use?

Maybe referring to the size of a new era to gauge your degree of hangover.

Who should get on the team next?

I pretty much want the younger guys on the team to have more input on these decisions than I do, so anyone they back, who has footage that isn’t boring would have my vote.

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Photo by @jamesmorley

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