TJ Rogers in Winnipeg


TJ came through Winnipeg while touring Canada for a TV series he was filming for Red Bull that showcases Canadian skateboarding. TJ was only in the city for a day but we got shit done! Check out the series here:

The Winnipeg section is around the 29 minute mark!

Checkout some photos below that Dan Mathieu took throughout the day of TJ and the crew!


Erick filming TJFane flip bs tail

TJ and Fane at the Millenium Library

Kian Fs shuv

Kian Fs Shuv

Fane Bs tail

Fane Bs Tail

Erik Kickflip

TJ Sw heelThe boiz in front of the Mclaren

TJ Sw Heel down Cathedral / The boiz in front of the Mclaren


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