STONE COLD - 2022 Skate Team Release

STONE COLD - 2022 Skate Team Release

Sk8 Skates with another hood classic, filled with great skating and good vibrations. Get a taste of Winnipeg skating by watching these young OGs get to business in the crusty Canadian streets. Filmed and Edited by Kian Smeall In order of appearance : Erik Penton Issiah Parisian Fane Smeall Sean Coughlin Kian Smeall other homies: Reis Burrows Lachlan Paterson Liam Neil Bailey Seager Shaun Shmada Kalen DC Jared Arnason Brock Gruhn Everette Polanski Julian Kelly Tyler Geurts Bill Acheson Nate Mowchun Craig Anderson Cole Romanyshin Tyson Hobson Malcolm Moffat Dedicated to Tyson Hobson, young legend. We miss you bro 0:00 In Memory of Tyson Hobson 0:09 INTRO 1:30 ERIK PENTON 8:12 SEAN COUGHLIN 12:07 HOMIES 16:35 ISSIAH PARISIAN and KIAN SMEALL 21:45 FANE SMEALL 27:36 OUTRO

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