Talkin' With The Team #5 - Brock Gruhn

How old are you and who are you sponsored by?

25 years young and Sk8 Skates.

How long have you been on Sk8 Skates?

Since March 2013.

How did you get on the Sk8 Skates team?

In the summer of 2012, Bryan Freese and I bought a camera so we could film for the Weekend Special video. After summer was over, I ended up having a bunch of footage. A few months pass and Cain asked me for my tapes so he could upload them to his computer. I thought it was just so my footage didn't get lost. Fast forward to March, we were having a few drinks at a friends place and the plan was to go to this bar called Spin on Corydon for someone's birthday. I can't remember why, but I didn't wanna go at first, I wanted to go to Bar Italia, but Bryan insisted we go inside for one drink. I got inside and saw Colin and Tyler, then more people showed up, but I still didn't know what was happening, Colin offered me a drink, and as the drink is handed to me I looked up on the TV and saw that it was me. It was all my footage. At the end of it, it said "welcome to the team". That part ended up on the SBC site. I was beyond stoked and it was one of the best days of my life!

What made you want to ride for Sk8 Skates?

Since I started skateboarding I've always wanted to be a part of the Sk8 Skates family. It's bunch of rad dudes who love to skate and everyone is really good friends with each other. When my best friend of twenty years, who I skated with growing up, Russell Staats got put on the team, that's when I realized I really wanted it and it motivated me to skate and film more. Nothing is better than being outside with your friends all day skateboarding.

What’s the gnarliest trick to go down in Winnipeg?

Brock Anderson's switch blunt on the parkade rail or Brendan Sanderson's tre flip on the black double.

Who would you want to put on the team next?

Devon Blaze cause he shreds, but also has one of the best attitudes. Also Logan Esquash. Logan, I also got twenty bucks for you if you nollie heel U of M 10 before the snow hits!

Favorite Winnipeg skateboarder?

Favorite skaters are Bryan Freese and Russell Staats.

Best Sk8 Skates memory?

The Sk8 Skates team BBQ at Colin's house earlier this summer. It was sweet because the whole team was there, and Colin put on a backyard Olympics that involved backyard games, skateboarding and drinking games. It was just a really good time because the entire team was there.

Brock Gruhn @ehsapbrocky

Photos by Anders Homenick @friendshipfilms


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