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Last summer (2021) I asked Peatr if he would be down to paint a mural on the back of the shop with full control of the creativity. I always have loved Peatr's art because it always had a meaning, so I had no doubt he would make something amazing. And sure enough, it came out better then I could've ever imagined having all the art and history within the shops name. With the help of local artists, Peatr and friends painted this masterpiece I get to see everyday I come into the shop and leave. Here are some words by Peatr himself about the Mural.

- Fane

As a skateboarder of 21 consistent years and to think of skateboarding, one major thing that comes to mind is community. With any type event skateboarders come together and all vibe on the same level. We all know what it takes to skate and we all admire each-others levels of talent. We all support each other in any way possible even if it's just words of affirmation.

For the mural concept, I loved that idea of community and coming together. To admire the years of service to the skateboarding community that Sk8 Skates has provided, I wanted to give the chance for everyone to have a part in showing that love of support the shop has provided for 35 years. So we had an open invite to everyone to take part. With the help of homies, a hotdog stand, and music, the letters SK8 SKATES were outlined by Pat Lazo and I, and everyone had an opportunity to paint something inside of the letters. 
Some elements inside of the letters included past shop owners as well as some skateboarder homies that have passed on too soon, including; Jai, Crolly, Gordo, Lucas, and Tyson. There are also plenty of fun 'easter eggs' within the mural.
To curate a mural like this has always been something I wanted to do. Doing it with Sk8 Skates has been a pleasure and a joy, especially since they were the first shop that I got my first legitimate board set from in 2001.
Ekosi nitotem.
- Peatr Thomas

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