Sk8 Skates with another hood classic, filled with great skating and good vibrations. Get a taste of Winnipeg skating by watching these young OGs get to business in the crusty Canadian streets. Filmed and Edited by Kian Smeall In order of appearance : Erik Penton Issiah Parisian Fane Smeall Sean Coughlin Kian Smeall other homies: Reis Burrows Lachlan Paterson Liam Neil Bailey Seager Shaun Shmada Kalen DC Jared Arnason Brock Gruhn Everette Polanski Julian Kelly Tyler Geurts Bill Acheson Nate Mowchun Craig Anderson Cole Romanyshin Tyson Hobson Malcolm Moffat Dedicated to Tyson Hobson, young legend. We miss you bro 0:00 In Memory of Tyson Hobson 0:09 INTRO 1:30 ERIK PENTON 8:12 SEAN COUGHLIN 12:07 HOMIES 16:35 ISSIAH PARISIAN and KIAN SMEALL 21:45 FANE SMEALL 27:36 OUTRO


COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOUR from Bill Acheson on Vimeo.

SK8 Skates seventh full-length video

Julian Kelly 0:00

Brock Gruhn 1:40
Kyle Nickoshi 4:45
Cain Lambert 7:16
Quentin Bloomfield 9:18
Jamie Mospanchuk 10:57
Evan Sinclair 12:28
Keiran Zimmerman 15:03
Mitch Hancharek 18:31
Colin Lambert 20:07
Tyler Geurts 23:20
Austin Thomas 26:02
Jaret Anderson 29:36
Jared Arnason 31:10
Josh Thorvaldson 35:32

Sk8 Skates - "1987" from SBC Media on Vimeo.


Video by Alex Doyle and Bill Acheson


Winnipeg Shop SK8 SKATES. Team montage with 2007 footage. Featuring: Colin Lambert, Matt Wiebe, Jeremy Gelfant, Cain Lambert, Tyler Geurts, Bill Acheson, Adam Lecker, Ryan Millar, Chris Rossong, Jamie Mospanchuk, Tyler Gaucher, Nick Serduletz, Pat Litchfield-Medd 

Sk8 Skates' Shred (2008) featuring Tyler Gaucher, Nick Serduletz, Tyler Geurts, and many more! Intro - 00:00 Tyler Geurts - 02:01 Bill Acheson - 05:03 Chris Rossong - 08:16 Pat Medd, Matt Wiebe, Mitch Lavoie - 10:58 Jeremy Gelfant, Jamie Mospanchuk - 13:10 Ryan Millar - 15:13 Justin Basset - 18:39 Cain Lambert - 20:48 Adam Lecker - 23:49 Colin Lambert - 26:12 Nick Serduletz - 29:41 Tyler Gaucher - 34:05 Credits - 38:10 (muted, unfortunately)  

Some of the Sk8 Skates team and a few guys on RDS (Micky Papa, Paul Trep, and Tyler Gaucher) went to Brandon do to a demo for the grand opening of their plaza. This was all filmed in one day, and there's some footage coming soon that wasn't included in this. 

 yeah cain! Filmed by Bill Acheson, Alex Doyle, Jake Kuzyk, Nic Adamson, Lucas Walsh, and more. Edited by Nic Adamson and Bill Acheson.


Here's Jamie's ender part from Sk8 Skates' 5th full length video Times Change (2010). Filmed by Lucas Walsh, Alex Doyle, Kenny Smith, Bill Acheson, Skrib, Nic Adamson, and Chris Burt. Edited by Nic Adamson and Bill Acheson.



 Hammertime. Filmed by Bill Acheson, me, Lucas Walsh, Skrib, and more. Edited by Nic Adamson and Bill Acheson


Definitely one of my favourite parts. Filmed by Nic Adamson, Bill Acheson, Alex Doyle, and more. Edited by Nic Adamson and Bill Acheson


Two of my bff's in one part?! Filmed by Alex Doyle and Bill Acheson. Edited by Nic Adamson and Bill Acheson. 


YEAH GEURTS! Filmed mostly by me and Jake Kuzyk. Edited by Nic Adamson and Bill Acheson. 


Sk8 Skates Team Video Introduction Brent Baldwin Jason Crolly Rod Ferens Mick Lemoine Paul Spencer Mike McDermott John Erhart Mason Cornwell Stefan Goulet Rhys Benoit Jake Stewart Simon Hughes Jai Pereira Steve Harnish Chris Steggles Brian Peech Sean Campbell Rich Wiens Wes Treleavan Jay Nawolsky


 For the 2012 Concrete Photo Annual, Brian Caissie flew to Winnipeg, MB to shoot with the Sk8 Skates shop team. He spent a week hitting local spots and road tripping to Minneapolis, MN. The mission was a highly productive one that led to a 12-pager in the mag, so I complimented it by putting together this edit of the team, featuring tricks from the article and more... Skaters: Kyle Nickoshie, Tyler Gaucher, Evan Sinclair, Mitch Hancharek, Josh Thorvaldson, Jared Arnason, Tyler Geurts, Colin Lambert, Cain Lambert, Russell Staats, Jamie Mospanchuk, Austin Thomas, Boyd Young. Filmed and Edited by: Alex Doyle Additional Filming: Jake Kuzyk, Jared Arnason, Steff Graf Post-Production Elements: David Ehrenreich Song: "Take It As It Comes" by The Doors Go to to see the full print article, online.


 Colin's part in the 2010 Sk8 Skates video, Times Change. 


Circa Store Wars 2012 Entry.


 A video I shot over 10 years ago of the "Go Skateboarding day". If anyone can recognize the year of the video could you please comment in the description. This is a video of the set at the art gallery and woodsworth.


 Vans hosted a Winnipeg shop based competition called weekend warriors.... The comp was essentially king of the road Winnipeg edition. This video was filmed over one weekend and all things filmed are tasks on the Weekend warrior manifest. This was our winning video.

SK8 Skates third full-length video (2005) Edited by Matt Wiebe, Featuring: Bill Acheson (1:13) Jamie Mospanchuk (4:27) Ryan Millar (7:30) Chris Rossong (9:13) James Vandal (11:09) Friends (13:10) Matt Wiebe (16:58) Mitch Lavoie (19:40) Montage (23:31) Featuring: Dane Homenick, Andrew Geeves, John Thurston, Jeremy Gelfant Colin Labmbert (27:14) Sam Klassen (29:46) Nick Serduletz (33:15) Credits (38:00) I give full credit to the artists and songs used in this video. I do not claim any of the material to be my own.

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